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About Us

GroundBreakers is a "Movement"

/MOVE-MENT/ - a campaign undertaken by a group of people working together.

GroundBreakers is on a Mission

The GroundBreakers mission is to create a no-boundaries collective comprised of like-minded, goal-focused, progressive people working together toward clearly defined and community supported fitness goals. Our definition of fitness is expansive and challenges people to look at several parts of themselves as a collective whole. 

GroundBreaker's Goals

Groundbreakers has two goals:

  1. Expand the idea of fitness to include and combine physical, nutritional and mental aspects.
  2. Offer a true home to every person who wants to be better today than they were yesterday - regardless of where they are in their journey.

We will achieve our goals by offering monthly challenges in the areas of physical, nutritional and mental fitness to be reached as a group through member support, expert guidance, community accountability and unabashed encouragement. 

The Big Three

Physical Fitness

-What we do with our bodies-

What physical activities do we engage in on a regular basis? The type, frequency and consistency of our exercise routines will help determine our mood, energy level, and ability to enhance and maintain healthy longevity.

Nutritional Fitness

-What we put into our bodies-

What do we eat and drink on a regular basis? The types and amounts of nutrients we put in our bodies regularly, along with harmful substances, will determine how well we function, heal, and maintain overall health. 

Mental Fitness

-How we program our brains-

What are our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us? Our thoughts and beliefs will drive our behaviors, and our behaviors will determine what we have and don't have in our lives. 

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